Credit 20th Century Fox (Richard Burton), Gdcgraphics (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and Gage Skidmore (Michael Sheen)

Welcome to the Local Heroes Exhibition and Film Challenge

Welcome to the Local Heroes Exhibition and Film Challenge in Lockdown! This is your opportunity to create your exhibition and film on the local heroes of Port Talbot. This activity is perfect for the whole family to take part in. 

This is part of a Fusion project run by the pupils of Ysgol Bae Baglan and Tai Tarian, on behalf of the Heritage Lottery Fund.  

Join us on our journey today to create a film and an exhibition about three of Port Talbot’s cinematic heroes: Richard Burton, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen.  However, we know that there are many more heroes in Port Talbot, and we would like to hear from you, during lockdown, about your local heroes. 

Through a series of engaging and informative challenges learn more about the cinematic heroes and how to collect and tell stories of your own.  

Our local experts, writer David Brayley and film maker Adam Amor, will help you find the best stories and develop your writing and film making techniques. Find out more about the film stars from local historians, friends and family and share your stories too!

We hope that you will find activities to inspire you, motivate you and aspire to. Therefore, you will find the challenges in three sections below: 

Inspiration – this section is about the people that have inspired you and will inspire others, how to find and tell their stories.   

Motivation – this section is about people and place, while learning more about the film stars and what it was that motivated them to achieve worldwide success you will have the chance to use your creativity in writing, film, photography and art.

Aspiration – this section is about how we can celebrate and create a legacy for local heroes of Port Talbot and help develop the aspirations of people growing up and living in Port Talbot.

Complete the challenges and build your own exhibition. Share your exhibition and earn your place in the virtual galleries. Tell us about the people who have been inspiring you during lockdown and what you know about the local cinematic heroes. Share your pictures and stories to add to our Local Heroes virtual gallery. 

Inspiration Challenge Number 1 All About Me

Who is your local hero and why? Send us a photo and twenty words explaining why they are your local hero. With their permission, they will have pride of place in the Local Heroes Virtual Gallery. Design a picture frame for your photo. What picture frame would suit your hero? Scroll down the page and follow the links to the challenge to take part in the learn -think – do task.

Send your completed challenges to Jennifer James at Tai Tarian Jennifer.james@taitarian.co.uk

Inspiration Challenge Number 2 Letters from Lockdown

In Lockdown, we have been inspired to do new things and take on new challenges. In Letters from Lockdown find out about lockdowns in the past and discover what our local cinematic celebrities have been doing in the present. What would you say from the future to inspire yourself to be brave, believe, and not to be afraid? What will you remember about this time? Write your Letter from Lockdown to yourself from the future for the Lockdown Gallery. Design your own letter for our exhibition. Remember you are writing it from the future so what could this look like? Here is an example from a member of the Local Heroes project:

When you heard that school was closing, you felt so happy, but you didn’t realise you would have to do work at home. I know you were annoyed! But guess what you did? You cooked in the first two weeks over 15 desserts like cakes, scones, and egg tarts. On weekends you facetimed your friends on zoom. You even helped your mum and dad in the garden. So, keep on cooking and you will be able to see your friends face to face in no time!

Till we meet again,



Challenge 3 Inspiration: Then and Now

Inspiration comes in many forms. Remember Captain Tom who, aged 100, raised millions for the NHS? Challenge number 3 asks what qualities heroes have. Write an article about someone who has inspired you, what they did and what you have done as a result. Head to the challenge Inspiration: Then and Now for writing tips from our author Dave Brayley. Feeling creative? Peg the names of your heroes on a washing line on stars with one word to describe them. Don’t forget to take a photo.

Send all work for the Inspiration Gallery to Jennifer.james@taitarian.co.uk.

Inspiration Challenge Number 4 Remembering for the Future

Talking is good. Communities are unique because of the stories that we share. In Remembering for the Future talk to your friends or family and capture their stories of the past. Talk to them about their local heroes, past and present. Head to the Local Heroes website to develop your film making and interviewing skills with Buffoon Media and David Brayley. Write down or record their stories for our Gallery of Inspiration.

John Lewis, from Cwmavon, talks about his memories using old maps.

Motivation Challenge Number 5 Take a Lockdown Walk

In this Motivation Challenge take a walk in lockdown and send us a picture of your favourite place to visit. Why has it motivated you during lockdown? Take the challenge here and find out where our cinematic local heroes grew up and loved. How were they motivated by Port Talbot?

Share pictures of you enjoying the project on social media, don’t forget to tag us!

Watch out for the special prizes along the journey!

The Challenge

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